Lake Area Dance Center is located across from Culver's on Centerville Road in White Bear Business Park:

4444 Centerville Road, Suite 140

White Bear Lake, MN 55127


The facility offers ample parking, away from the busy traffic along Centerville Road. Families may enter the White Bear Business Park vestibule for Suites 130 through 140; take a slight left to enter the studio's lobby area. Public restrooms are available in the upper level of the vestibule in addition to the private men's and women's restrooms available to our clientele inside Lake Area Dance Center.


Upon entry, families are welcome to enjoy a large number of common spaces as they await for classes to begin, or as classes occur. This includes:

A RECEPTION AREA where families may inquire staff regarding the studio's current events, in addition to making payments to the studio;

GIRLS DRESSING ROOM where dancers may dress for class, or change between a series of classes in addition to keeping their belongings in a consolidated area;

STUDIO BOUTIQUE where clients are able to be sized and purchase signature apparel, dance wear, or shoes along with additional accessories; 

BREAK ROOM where families may eat and drink as they await his/her dancer, or where dancers may replenish their energy during a series of classes;

SPECIAL EVENTS ROOM where dancers may come for birthday parties, studio day camps, holiday parties, and/or sleepovers among other memorable events; and

A LOBBY where parents and dancers may congregate before class, after class, or await their dancer mid-class; closed circuit television is available for viewing all studios simultaneously. A variety of seating and workspaces are available as well.

Lake Area Dance Center offers four studio spaces to provide high quality dance instruction to children and adults. Each dance room is equipped with:

  • CUSHIONED DANCE FLOORS to protect dancers' joints as they perform high impact or acrobatic movements;
  • LARGE MIRRORS to enable students to learn visually whether in seeing their instructor, assistant, peer dancer, and/or himself/herself;
  • SURROUND STEREO SYSTEMS to allow students to learn audibly and to energize students to rehearse and to perform at every opportunity;
  • VARIED LIGHTING to aid in dancer focus and/or to create an appropriate mood for the style and the movement being instructed;
  • BALLET BARRES and ADDITIONAL CORE STRENGTHENING EQUIPMENT to establish a strong educational basis for its students.

The facility also divides its space so as to allow for traffic. This includes:

AEXECUTIVE OFFICE and STAFF ROOM to serve as an exclusive space for administrative workload in addition to permitting instructors, choreographers, seamstresses, and additional guests the ability to work outside of the classroom; and

WAREHOUSE to design, to build, and to store theatrical sets and additional property of Lake Area Dance Center.

From The North:

  • Take I-35E South to Highway 96. 
  • Take a left onto Centerville Dr. (Walgreens is on your right). 
  • Take a left into White Bear Business Park.

From The South: 

  • Take I-35E North to Highway 96. 
  • Turn left onto Hwy. 96 heading West towards Centerville Dr. 
  • Take a left onto Centerville Dr. (Walgreens is on your right). 
  • Take a left into White Bear Business Park.

Please feel free to Contact Us for more information regarding directions to the studio. You can also email us at, or phone us at (651) 762-5366 to find our studio as well.

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