Does your child have a great interest in dance? Does he or she show a natural talent for dancing? Is he or she strongly motivated, have plenty of enthusiasm, and love to perform? If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps competitive dance at Lake Area Dance Center is right for you.

Lake Area Dance Center offers three different levels of competitive dance intensity for ages four and up. Regardless of your level of dance study - novice, intermediate, or advanced, the competitive dancers strive to improve technique, perfect execution, and development showmanship in a variety of styles.

Lake Area Dance Center staff is immensely proud of its unified Company! They enjoy learning as well as performing on stage at every opportunity.  Most importantly, they are great listeners, courteous people, motivated learners, award winning performers, and fun loving children! Competitive dancers truly exemplify "Where Dance Is Serious Fun!"

Meet our Company!

Mini Elite Company is our youngest of the teams at Lake Area Dance Center. Typically ranging in ages four to eight, Mini Elite Company is a novice level competition group studying tap, ballet, and jazz. Though young, they enjoy participating in the All Company Production, too! Among their year's highlights include:

  • Placing exclusively in the top five throughout the competition season;
  • Earning audience's and judge's choice awards for unique characteristics in their dancing; 
  • Performing as a finalist in national competition; and
  • Gaining Company members' respect for achieving the greatest improvements!

Petite Elite Company is an intermediate level competition group studying tap, ballet, lyrical, and jazz. Commonly ranging in ages seven to ten, Petite Elite Company equally enjoys All Company Production as well. These memory makers having enjoyed:

  • Top adjudications and overall placements for each of their tap, lyrical and jazz routines;
  • A reputation of earning national championships for a majority of the studio's years;
  • Mastery of the fundamentals of dance like ballet terminology; and
  • The bond with their "big sisters" and "big brothers" of the Company!

Junior Elite Company is an intermediate level competition group studying tap, ballet, lyrical, and jazz. On average, these dancers range in ages nine to twelve. As part of All Company Production, these hard-working performers have a lot to brag about, including:

  • Earning first place at multiple regional competitions year over year;
  • Achieving "Best In Show" with select tap dancers among the crew;
  • Developing tight-knit friendships among peer dancers and peer parents; and 
  • Having a number of dads volunteering their time to design, build and transport props!

Preteen Elite Company includes both intermediate and advanced level dancers who study numerous styles: tap, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, and musical theater. Typically, these performers range in ages eleven to fourteen, enjoy the All Company Production, and perform a jazz production featuring Preteen, Teen, and Senior Elite Companies. Their achievements include:

  • Earning placement at Youth America Grand Prix, an International ballet competition, by select dancers;
  • Making their place as Dancer of the Year finalists, including a national champion by one performer; and
  • Holding the record for greatest years of loyalty to Lake Area Dance Center! Bravo!

Teen Elite Company includes both intermediate and advanced level performers. Similarly, they study tap, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, contemporary, jazz, and musical theater. Often they range in ages twelve to sixteen as part of the All Company Production and jazz production with Preteen and Senior Elite Companies. They have worked hard to:

  • Earn first overall in the advanced level of competition in the intense Twin Cities market;
  • Make their way as finalists at national competition this season; and
  • Become one of the most cohesive teams in Lake Area Dance Center history!

Senior Elite Company largely includes advanced level dancers as our eldest and most studied team. They have great breadth and depth in tap, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, and musical theater. Most seasons, this team ranges in ages fourteen to eighteen and leads the charge. Everything has become possible for this team, including:

  • Repeated top adjudications across all styles competed;
  • Most versatile of soloists with top adjudications and placements across all styles;
  • Proof dance is a lifelong passion for many alumni going on to become college dance students;  professional company performers; and the next generation of instructors and choreographers. 

Pom Companies are an entry level/novice level of competition for Lake Area Dance Center students who might be considering competition for the first time. As young as age six and as old as eighteen, our Pom Companies are a financially affordable way for families to experience the joys of performing jazz and the pride in achieving while remaining respectful of family's busy schedule. Lake Area Dance Center shows pride in their adjudication and overall placements earned year after year.

Hip Hop Companies can be:

  • Entry level/novice level of competition for students who might enjoy hip hop especially;
  • Intermediate level/added level of competition for students who also perform jazz competitively; or an
  • Advanced level of competition for dancers who do it all... and want to do even more!

As young as age six and as old as eighteen, our Hip Hop Companies are an excellent way for dancers of all levels of proficiency to have an opportunity to dance... and dance together! And they have accomplished increasing levels of success each season. Kudos!

Lake Area Dance Center has many additional opportunities to work hard, to have fun, and to be a great teammate as part of its Company.  Some of these include but are not limited to:

  • Studying Pointe as a means of further their ballet and overall technique;
  • Working one-on-one with instructors and choreographers for Solo competitive performance;
  • Pairing with Duet or Trio partners to increase their opportunities to shine on stage;
  • Dancing with Small Groups of performers with focus on one style;
  • Working in heels as a precursor to live theater as a member or Heels Company; and/or
  • Performing an original ballet in our annual performances as a part of Ballet Company.

So, are you ready to AUDITION? Our audition period is during our Summer Season. More information is available in our DANCE PROGRAMS each spring. 

But it's possible you missed out on the audition period! After all, dancers may be new to the area surrounding Lake Area Dance Center, or our recreational dance families just don't realize how much potential his/her dancer has!

Please CONTACT US to inquire further regarding any one of the following factors influencing a decision to dance competitively:

  • Policies regarding dance wear, shoes, hair, attendance, etc.;
  • Monthly rates and discount opportunities;
  • Typical weekly schedules for a competitive dancer;
  • Common regional and national competitions attended; and
  • MORE!

CONTACT US to arrange a private audition with our Company.

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