Competitive Dance At Lake Area Dance Center!


Does your child have a great interest in dance? Does he or she show a natural talent for dancing? Is he or she strongly motivated, have plenty of enthusiasm, and love to perform? If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps competitive dance at Lake Area Dance Center is right for you.

Instructors will be hosting auditions for those interested in competitive dance. please phone 651-762-5366, email or stop by the studio to inquire more information.

As a dancer of one of our performing groups, you must be at an intermediate to advanced level for your age group (5 years and up). This includes good technique, execution, and showmanship in multiple styles of dance -- tap, ballet, lyrical, jazz and/or hip-hop. You are a person who enjoys learning as well as performing on stage in front of large audiences. Additionally, you are a dancer who listens, behaves, focuses, and has fun in class.  

Each performing group will practice 2 to 4 days per week during the school year (September through May). The total number of hours per week various by performing group. Regular attendance is required of competitive dancers. Additionally, tuition ranges from $60 to $335 per month depending upon the performing group and amount of practice. 

In our ninth season, Lake Area Dance Center aims to attend three regional competitions during the school year. These competitions are held in the Twin Cities and typically occur between March and May. We also aim to end the competitive dance year by attending a national competition the summer of 2016 in or nearby the Twin Cities. All performing groups and private lesson routines will perform in the Lake Area Dance Center spring recitals, too!

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